It is no secret that providing attractive salary packages is common practice in today’s business world. HTIA Corporate Health cover – The inclusion of paid health insurance premiums for team members and their families is proving very successful for many businesses, companies and corporations.

Deemed to be one of the most ‘sought-after’ benefits, employees feel comfortable knowing that their employer cares enough to ensure that staff members who suffer illness or accidents will receive first class medical treatment without delay.
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We have access to several large fund’s corporate policy portfolios that offer fully funded, partially funded or voluntary plans and can tailor a policy that is best for your business.

  • Competitive premiums
  • Access to health and wellness programs
  • High return benefits
  • Access to the ‘no gap’ range of fixed price packages on glasses and contact lenses
  • And if your kids are admitted to hospital, no excess for kids under 25.



There are 3 structures to choose from:

1. Company funded plan Your organisation pays for your employee’s health cover as a benefit of employment.

2. Partially funded plan Funding can be shared between employer and employee. For example, your organisation may cover the cost of your employee’s hospital cover, while they pay for their own extras cover. Or, your company may choose to cover the excess if a member goes into hospital, resulting in lower contributions for your employees.

3. Voluntary plan You negotiate a health plan package that individual employees can choose to join and pay for themselves.

We are not affiliated with any ‘one’ or ‘group’ of health funds and are happy to do the research necessary to find the best corporate health insurance plan to suit all requirements and preferences.

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