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Corporate Health Insurance

More and more companies and corporations in these days of ever-tightening labour markets, are becoming conscious of the need to provide good benefits to keep staff, and attract good people.

One of the most sought-after benefits is health insurance!

John Small Health and Travel Advisory


Employees who earn in excess of $90,000 for a single person or over $180,000, for a couple/family, need some form of hospital cover to avoid being levied an additional 1.5% of their income towards the Medicare levy^.

Employers want to ensure any staff who suffer illness or accident can receive the best medical treatment, without any waiting.

John Small Health + Travel Insurance Advisory, not being tied to any one health fund or group of health funds, is ideally placed to seek out the best health insurance for all requirements and preferences.

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^Exception from the Medicare level surcharge does not apply where an excess (front end deductible) greater than $500 for a single member is charged.

Get personalised advice on the corporate health insurance package to best meet your needs