» Private Health Insurance Cover with John Small Health + Travel Advisory

“Are you confused by the dozens of Private Health Insurance Funds”?

Here’s a quick way to find a private health insurance cover fund to suit you.

John Small Health + Travel Insurance Advisory has over 28 years of experience in finding clients the private health insurance fund to best suit their lifestyle.  Plus our service is completely free!

Do you know there are over 37 private health funds in Australia?  We do, it’s our job to be in the know about private health insurance funds. And to easily find you the right private health fund.

  • Would you like the choice of surgeon, doctor or hospital?
  • Do you hate waiting lists?
  • Do you need dental, optical, physiotherapy or prefer natural therapies?
  • Perhaps you are looking for a tax rebate or avoid the Lifetime Health Cover (LHC) surcharge?
  • Above all, are you seeking peace of mind in knowing you are looking after you and your family?

As you can see, there are many reasons for finding the right private health insurance fund to suit you.  Before you waste your time making numerous phone calls to these companies, talk to us.  Simply complete the health insurance recommendation form and you’ll receive your free personalised health insurance recommendation and discuss the options that best suit you, and if you decide to change then we can manage the transfer for you

However if you want to speak to a real person and loathe paperwork, please call us now on 1300 788 282 and we will complete the paperwork for you.

Sound easy?  It is!  It’s time to plan for a healthier future, get your health insurance cover sorted today.